Being Overweight: How Higher levels of fat in body affects our organs

Bearing excess fat in the body poses a major risk to the vital organs, as it can alter the way they function. As an overweight individual, most of your focus is towards how bad you look, but you never focus on the way it is affecting the normal functioning of your body. Allow us to reveal some of the main problems that are associated with excess fat accumulation in your body and its effect on your vital organs.

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Relation between Cholesterol and Body fat

Those individuals who are overweight may to suffer from numerous negative health risk factors ranging from high blood pressure to stroke or diabetes, which have a close connection with being overweight or obese. However, one aspect that’s often overlooked is the connection of body fat levels to cholesterol levels.

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Stay Away From Foods Which Induce Hunger Pangs

People find it difficult to control their hunger pangs which sticking to a diet regime. Everything moves ahead lucidly when suddenly your stomach begins to rumble in hunger and you are unable to resist the temptation of grabbing a quick bite. People who wish to lose weight find it tough to resist hunger pangs. However if you carefully analyze then you can find out more about the foods which induce hunger. By abstaining from them you can easily combat this issue.

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