Being Overweight: How Higher levels of fat in body affects our organs

Bearing excess fat in the body poses a major risk to the vital organs, as it can alter the way they function. As an overweight individual, most of your focus is towards how bad you look, but you never focus on the way it is affecting the normal functioning of your body. Allow us to reveal some of the main problems that are associated with excess fat accumulation in your body and its effect on your vital organs.

Reproductive System

It comes first in the list because excess body fat affects the reproductive system sooner than any other organ. Men who are overweight might not have a proper functioning reproductive organ and are under a higher risk of becoming infertile.

If a couple with overweight male is having problems conceiving, then they must consider this factor as one of the possible reasons for not being able to conceive.

In fact, if a female is overweight, then also she may face the same problem, as too much body fat can make her infertile too.

Digestive System

This group of organs comes second in the list. When too much fat has accumulated, our pancreas and liver stop functioning in a normal way. Besides, if an individual consumes too much glucose rich diet then his pancreas is overworked as it has to work too much to produce extra insulin that can pose serious treat and cause long-term health issues like diabetes.

Hence, it becomes crucial for you to maintain a good diet that has all the crucial nutrients and fibers that can make your digestive system work in a proper manner.

Cardiovascular System

This is the last group of organ that is affected by excess fat. Plaque begins to build up in the blood vessels sure to higher levels of cholesterol which puts extra pressure on your heart making it work harder.

As a result of which your system has to undergo extra strain which could lead to heart diseases or eventually a heart attack.

Hence for a properly working cardiovascular system, you need to maintain your body weight. By losing excess weight not only the condition of your heart will improve but you will gain several other benefits that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

So these were the main organ systems which are affected by the excess body fat.  Hence, you need to be careful with your health and overall weight in order to live a better and healthier life.



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