Stay Away From Foods Which Induce Hunger Pangs

People find it difficult to control their hunger pangs which sticking to a diet regime. Everything moves ahead lucidly when suddenly your stomach begins to rumble in hunger and you are unable to resist the temptation of grabbing a quick bite. People who wish to lose weight find it tough to resist hunger pangs. However if you carefully analyze then you can find out more about the foods which induce hunger. By abstaining from them you can easily combat this issue.

Here we have listed down some foods which can cause hunger and hence should be avoided.

White Rice

White rice makes people hungry very fast. Hence even if you have eaten a lot of white rice, you will start feeling hungry after a short while. This is because white rice increases the blood sugar level which later dips drastically. This dip will release insulin which drains the glucose from the blood.

The dipping blood sugar levels send a signal to the brain which in turn prompts your body to consume food. Eventually you are unable to control the hunger pangs and start looking for food to satiate your hunger.

Sugary Cereals

Sugar cereals too create the same impact in our body as white rice. Hence it is better to stay away from them. Do not forget to read the package label before you buy and cereal especially if you intend to stick to your weight loss regime.

People often believe that cereals are quite healthy however when you carefully inspect the ingredients then you will be appalled to find out that it contains a lot of sugar in it.

If you wish to keep hunger pangs at bay then you should never select any cereal which contains sugar. An ideal morning meal would include a sugar free cereal like oatmeal, bran cereal etc.

You can include these healthy cereals to your diet plan to lose weight.

Snack Bars

Snack bars do not contain a lot of proteins and essential fats. Hence you are not able to balance the amount of carbohydrates you intake while consuming these snack bars. Hence snack bars too cause a blood sugar spike. Although you may experience a sudden burst of energy, you will soon begin to feel low and lethargic.

In order to combat this lethargy, you will try to consume foods which will help you to raise your energy level. Eventually you will end up consuming a lot of calories every day and this will create obstacles in your weight loss regime.


Last but not the least, consuming candy is sure to spell doom for your weight loss diet plan. You may experience a good burst of energy after consuming candies, and they also make you feel satiated, however it is nothing but excess sugar which eventually takes a toll on your health.


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